lundi 2 novembre 2009

Long Lasting Favorite

There are always Photos you Love without understanding why and how - it's like that.

Of course, this session was more than great - unforgettable time at least but then, more than one year after, boum! This one gathers every souvenir, every feelings...

How every detail corresponds so well to my memories? I guess my brain is just evolving every second to new situations, new stimulus, taking what I see now as what it was. A recent study shown that the souvenirs are strongly deformed versus time, so much influenced by all the running time...

That's cool - Photos made during nice sessions will all be my Favorites!

Kyla Cole - Montalivet, France - 2008

By the way, if u care, the blur is using a Canon TS lens and it is sort of BTS shoot.

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