vendredi 21 mai 2010

Production of "Distance(s)"

I have spent a week in Shenzhen (China) following the production of my book.
It was a very great time, intense and interesting to see the conclusion of all the preparation efforts on paper!
Thanks to Joseph J. Pasky (who provided all the printing expertise) and Artron (the printer specialized in Art reproduction), I was impress by the level of quality. First the paper, Stora Enzo 200gsm is thick and nice with a very clean surface. Then, the quality control from the Photo profiles, via the plates productions, to the operator adjustments on press is awesome. They check (with spectrometer) all the starting pages and then one every few hundred along the production - very robust quality management. A minor error has happened during the cover printing and, with such processes, has been detected right away and fix.  I have done the CMYK conversion myself it was such a pleasure to see details on the blacks on very challenging pics. Even the varnishing and lamination processes are perfect! Great work.
At the end, and after only few hours of sleep, they have prepared few book cases and all the signatures for me to validate - here they are!
Shenzhen, China - 2010.

lundi 10 mai 2010

Sexy blossom

Warm enough @Rokkasho.
Rokkasho, Japan - 2010.

vendredi 7 mai 2010

Wedding Anniversary

11 years! still alive, still in Love but completely corrupted!
I have given my soul to HEr.
Rokkasho, Japan - 2010.