mardi 2 mars 2010


I got a proposal from "infernalord" (on Deviant Art) about one of my photograph.
I post here both original and modified side-by-side. I have my clear preference but I will be pleased to know your... Thanks.
Left or Right?

PS: The modified version suffers from JPEG edition.

7 commentaires:

  1. I like the right version better on the sky and water, but there is a little too much contrast on the models body. I would make the contrast on the model's body closer to the one on the left.

  2. the contrast in the right one makes the clouds and reflection pop a lot more. i want to say that the contrast on the body should come down a little, but it might contradict the reflection.

  3. in my opinion it depends on the mood you want to express!
    the left is natural, beautiful a "normal" photo - the right is powerful and exciting.
    cheers ;)

  4. I agree with kai. The left is more natural and invokes a softer, tender mood. The right is unnaturally crisp and creates a more intense mood. I like the left, but I am a natural light snob.

  5. For me, the left one, without any hesitation... but I am more into analog / film photographs so I prefer the more natural look ...

  6. @all: thanks for the interesting point-of-view. For me, a photograph should first "access" the mind giving the (false) feeling of reality because only then imagination and so can start. The left one has this power on me.


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