jeudi 4 mars 2010

Color time-to-time

Color or B&W? Well not supposed to be as Mac or PC or Red or White wine but this question seems anyway to generate a debate.

My 2 cents:
I believe it isn't a question about how someone "see" the reality, the life around him (her). I consider it is more a question of what pic vision put you in a mental state to pay attention and be ready to "feel". A test has been made (last year if I remember correctly) in a US subway: You take one of the best violinist alive, one the best M$ instrument, the more appreciated classic pieces of Mozart and Beethoven and you put all this in the subway at rush hours -  No one notices. Millions of people and none of them like this kind of music? of course not. Because, they are doing something different at this time, they are not ready to be receptive to enjoy, not here not now. For my opinion, a neutral color pic rarely provokes the mental state required to be receptive (of course the pic could be really interesting, composition, subject, theme... but the neutral color, as real, may not add to this process). Then, a B&W, a fully saturated or even a washout palette will disconnect you from the real for a while and propose you to "see" and feel differently for a moment.
Saint Brice Courcelles, France - 2006.

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