mardi 30 mars 2010

IBSN in Japan...

Well, I succeed to follow my book production schedule up to now. Selection and preparation of the photos, texts, translations, InDesign learning, book design, contact with printers, quotes, calibration tests,  reviewing, and now I am waiting for the ISBN for about one month! In France, it takes 3 weeks (and the guy in charge is not a super heros!). More, it is free. In Japan, 20000Yens to start with, fill a two pages forms to apply and ... wait... Phone call: "maybe this week..." they say -  to receive another form to be filled out, send it again and then, I guess, I will have to wait some more - what do they stay at work up to 10PM so?
So, production is waiting, my trip to China is delayed, not cool.

here a waiting girl:
Elwenne, Paris, France - 2009.

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