mercredi 6 octobre 2010

No more hits

I have decided to cancel my account on several web sites. I need to get focused & save time.
What is the point to have 300 000 visits in few years (DeviantArt for example), about 1000 comments saying "I like this pic" or "nice breast!" and only 2 interesting exchanges! If one want to see 500 pics of naked girls a day well, I don't want my photographs to be in this bunch - no point.

I have strong believe in my photography work - I put a lot of myself into it  - It became a way-of-living - I enjoy so much doing it and having my prints in my hands after all. Of course, maybe only very few will like it too - this is fine - I fully understand if there are not interesting for most but I understand now that I have run after stupid numbers of hits (or visits, clicks...).

I don't know yet about Facebook... I don't want to spread photos everywhere anymore. My webpage and this blog should be enough...

Melissa, Tokyo, Japan - 2010.

2 commentaires:

  1. Bonjour!
    Je comprends votre démarche. La qualité est là et point n'est besoin de se vendre pour s'assurer d'être excellent dans son domaine. Vos photos sont magnifiques et les vrais amateurs de beauté trouveront naturellement le chemin vers vous!
    Bonne continuation.

  2. @Xerxes: Merci! J'espère exposer bientôt pour présenter des tirages, cela devrait permettre de rencontrer des amateurs et d'aller au delà des pixels sur l'écran...


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