mercredi 21 avril 2010


I feel in a transition phase, like more aware about the AFTER and BEFORE. I have spent many years shooting, enlarging, enjoying all without showing my "production" to anyone (more than model, muse and wife - single one) - BEFORE.

Then, I started to show my prints and a list of things happened: publications, interviews, many web galleries,  meeting more models, real art gallery, selling few here and there, interest collectors, receiving more influence, ideas, understanding myself more little-by-little... - AFTER.

Today, or soon, my first book will be produced. About 6 months of work (not on a full time scale but at least few hours per day/night) will end. I have put a lot on this, feelings, dreams, ego, words, money, energy, friends... and soon it will be in my hands - BEFORE.

Just like for my first pics, now I want to show it to you, I would like to share all this, like my first silver prints 10 years ago!
Why? well, to start a new list of new things! Now starts the AFTER.

Montalivet, France - 2004.

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